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Box Head

Life is a compilation of a mysterious series of fights. We fight in almost everything we do so we make good use of all the opportunities we have and make an effort to setback challenges in our lives. Box Head game comes in handy to clearly demonstrate the idea behind the life mysteries. The highly addictive game is viral since it is appreciated by global players. Its amazing graphics and spiral of activities can take all your leisure time leaving no room for thinking of disturbing issues in your life. Getting busy trying to eliminate the zombies is the perfect venture. The game play involves the elimination of zombies using the weapons available. The more you successfully kill the zombies the more they go on flocking in like ants in an anthill. If you are fearful then this is the best catch for you because it will play a key role in eliminating the fear in you and rebuilding your aggression in the long run. The good thing about the game is that you can play it with your friends who are undoubtedly an avid fan. The game is easily accessible because you can enjoy it online and derive satisfaction fully from it. In the first series,” the Halloween”, you should trundle along Boxville which has been invaded by the zombies, saving the civilians by directing them to the evacuation point so they survive. After doing that another interesting task is dispatching the zombies so they stop posing a threat to the civilians. In the second series entitled “the rooms’ your objective is getting of the zombies before they invade your space altering your existence. Other series of the game include the 2 play rooms, night mares and zombie wars. In addition to the two player mode, you can also include a third friend in the game so you both satisfactorily enjoy the activity by boxing the zombies. You can organize it online for a team-up with the aim of collectively dealing with the zombies. Overall, the game is amazing!

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